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How to Wear Bodysuit?

How to Wear Bodysuit?

The popularity of bodysuit has a long time. Back in the 1960s, many advertising blockbusters would ask models put on bodysuits. Just like what The Wall Street Journal once commented: "A sartorial oddity only slightly less icky and strange than the dickie."

Many heroines from hero movies also will wear a bodysuit and step on a pair of leather boots to save the world. In the past, Jane Fonda, who wore a bodysuit made of glass resin and entered the big screen, also became the main figure driving the development of fashion.

The bodysuit keeps a low profile actually, and the exposed part looks like an ordinary top. Only when you see the whole style, you can find that it is half-sisters and sisters to swimwear and ballet gowns.

The biggest difference with them is that there is a hidden button on the crotch, which can be unlocked from the front. With such a humanized design, it is not a dream to wear a jumpsuit to the toilet.

1.Features of the bodysuit.

The most powerful part of the bodysuit is that it is very docile.No matter how you spin and jump, you don't need to refresh it. It is simply the gospel of Virgo and handicapped people.

However, this future also causes it has extremely high requirements on the figure, which can easily expose body defects.

Selena Gomez crossed the street wearing a bodysuit before and after losing weight.

Perhaps, the most dreamy part of the bodysuit is that it will remind girls of the time of learning dance when they were a little girl. The second blogger of the universe, Chiara Ferragni, was wearing a suit of the same colour when shooting pictorials. The lace-up shoes have a touch of ballet, which is full of girlish.

Bodysuits not only appear in the street shooting, but female celebrities also love to wear them at concerts and when walking the red carpet.

Beyonce, almost every concert is inevitable to show her plump figure with this magical uniform.

2.How to wear it.

There are many styles and types of the bodysuit, because of its close-fit design, it can be regarded as a functional single product.

Option 1: Basic match: skirt or pants

evalamor bodysuit



Sexy Lace Playsuit on Evalmor

Brand: Evalamor

Price: $24.99

Option 2:Advanced Match: Lace Dress

The chest-wrap bodysuit is paired with a lace dress. The bodysuit not only plays the role of leggings but also looms against the background of lace and looks very sexy.

Options 3:Single Wear


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