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How to Wear Lingerie at  Wedding Night?

How to Wear Lingerie at Wedding Night?

When we're going to a wedding, friends may discuss the beautiful bride, the romantic wedding, will you think about what kind of lingerie you are wearing in your wedding dress?

As the most important and beautiful day in the life, it is really tiring to dress up and greet guests, but we still cannot ignore that the wedding night is the most important night. Thus, the equipment must be completed and extremely beautiful to justify this day.

Thus, Today I will introduce a wave of romantic and beautiful classic lingerie suitable for the wedding night.

Step 1: Lingerie Bra Set

A set with a harmonious colour is definitely the most secure basic lingerie. Pure white, simple and unpretentious. Baby, those glamorous cheap goods needs to be left to play slowly in the future. We need to be elegant on our wedding night. Actually, those lingeries is also suiting for daily life.

1.Boomerang II Underwire Longline Bra


Price: $95.00

2.Bellaire Set

Brand: Claire Pettibone



Step 2:Light Nightdress

Why emphasize lightness? One is to emphasize the lightness of nightdress, and the other is to match the atmosphere of the wedding night. After all, there will be countless days and nights in the future, just add a little lightness from the wedding night. Trust me, nightdress will a good choice. Of course, the colour system is also mainly white and beige.

1.Thais Blue Topaz Nightdress


2.Morganne Babydoll



Step 3:Kimono

Do you feel the atmosphere is not enough? Then add a piece of kimono. If the role of the wedding dress is to make you become more glorious in the wedding and the kimono is probably to make you become more elegant and charming at the wedding night.

1.Chantilly Vanille Lace Kimono



2.Wave Nightgown



Hope you will find one lingerie for your wedding night~

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